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I specialize in offering evidence based strategies and approaches foOCD and anxiety associated with mood, learning, attention and impulse control problems such as hair pulling and skin picking, technology addiction and over-reliance on substances such as food, alcohol or weed.  I have special training in working with gifted, twice exceptional, children, adolescents, adults and families. This includes sensory issues, ADHD/ADD, high functioning ASD and bright, quirky individuals of all ages. 

As human beings, the experience of anxiety is a natural part of life; but when it takes over your life and disrupts your functioning and happiness; that's when professional assistance can be helpful. If you suspect that you or your child or adolescent has OCD or anxiety,  I am available to meet for a full-assessment to determine if this in indeed the diagnosis; if so, I am trained in the provision of well researched, effective approaches that can provide relatively rapid relief for many people including children. 

I utilize evidence based approaches and techniques that are individually tailored for your unique situation. I have a team of colleagues with whom I collaborate to provide best practices in comprehensive behavioral health care for OCD/Anxiety. Our psychologist can conduct psycho-educational testing and assessment to determine giftedness, learning disabilities and more that may co-occur with anxiety and OCD symptoms. Our psychiatric nurse practitioner and psychiatrists can provide medication consultation and monitoring as needed and our partner Occupational Therapist at FunSense offers therapeutic intervention for children as young as 15 months as well as tweens and teens. 

If your child suffers from OCD/Anxiety, or learning differences, with your permission, I work collaboratively with your child's school, guidance office, religious professionals and medical providers to gain support for the treatment process.

I provide on location, in home/office/school cognitive behavioral exposure treatment, as well as SKYPE sessions when appropriate. 
I incorporate Habit Reversal Therapy, Acceptance and Committment and Motivational Enhancement as well as positive psychology and self determination theory to guide the work I do with each individual and family.

Princeton, NJ Therapist We are culturally sensitive and LGBTQA friendly and inviting.